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Most of the stunning driveway pavers in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin counties are our creations. We have been installing driveways since 1996, and we are proud that most of our completed projects are still in there prime conditions despite constant exposure to harsh outdoor elements.

If you also want to have a driveway that can last a lifetime, please contact FL Pavers today. We have the expertise and the needed resources to work on residential and commercial paver driveways. 

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We Build Durable Driveways

At FL Pavers, our concern is not only about creating beautiful driveways for our clients. We make sure that our creations can last for generations without needing any major repair or renovation. We do this by using premium quality driveway pavers from our trusted partner suppliers.

The pavers that we use are proven durable and made from the finest materials available. They are specifically made for heavy traffic areas, such as driveways, courtyards, and walkways. Our clients will also enjoy the slip- and skid-resistant qualities of our driveway pavers. We source these quality products from the leading paver manufacturers, such as Belgard and Tremron.

Great Design Options

FL Pavers offer clients a wide range of paver designs to suit their needs and preferences. They can choose their desired design, pattern, color, or texture from our huge inventory of driveway pavers. Some of the popular patterns that we can use include herringbone, fan-shape, basket weave, circular, and running bond. We can also create a specific theme that will make the driveway more attractive. We give our clients the freedom to choose the best designs that will complement with the existing architectural style of their homes or properties.

Choose ICPI-Certified Paver Installers

FLPavers always tell our clients to always consider the qualifications of their driveway contractors. Choosing a new paver installer may result in subpar work and costly repairs in the future. Don’t take this path if you are looking for one. Only allow professionals like us to work on your driveway so that its structural integrity is not compromised.

At FL Pavers, we have ICPI-certified paver installers who are also trained by our partner suppliers. These qualifications make us your best option for driveway design and installation project. Our crews are experienced and skilled in installing driveway pavers, so you are assured of outstanding results regardless of the complexity of the project. They have worked on residential and commercial properties in the past, so they can handle the installation of any driveway type.

We Provide Warranty and Offer the Best Rates

We are the go-to company of most Florida homeowners because of the warranty that we provide and the affordability of our rates. With us, you are assured of sturdy and stunning driveways at costs that will not drain your pockets.

Please visit our showroom in Boca Raton to see some samples of our driveway pavers. You can also call our hotlines at 561-998-0535 (Palm Beach), 954-437-2214 (Broward), or 1-877-968-2984 to get more details of our driveway design and installation services.