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Pool Coping Installation

Pool coping plays a great role in ensuring the safety and excellent appeal of any pool, whether indoor or outdoor. Primarily, installing coping in pools ensures the safety of all occupants, who could otherwise get cut or hurt by the rough edges of the deck materials. Coping also makes pools attractive, given the wide range of designs available. It will also protect the pool surrounding from water damage, which could happen over time due to constant exposure to pool water.

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I never thought how much coping around the pool could make a difference. After my kids were constantly getting scratched up when exiting the pool, i realized I had to do something. That’s when I found FLPavers and they came and installed pool coping around the rim of the pool and now it’s safe plus beautiful!
Michelle S.
Had our pool deck redone and had the coping installed. Looks and feels great. they did a good job, thanks.
Anika S.

FAST & FREE QUOTES Palm Beach: 561-998-0535 Broward: 954-437-2214

Servicing Martin, Palm Beach and Broward Counties

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