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We can make your pool area more functional, comfortable, and attractive by installing stunning pool deck pavers. As we’ve done in the past with many properties across Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin counties, we will select only the finest pavers from our partners to create a deck that is totally awesome.

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FLPaver’s Create Extraordinary Pool Decks

Travertine Project by Florida Pavers IncHere at FL Pavers, we acknowledge the need to think outside the box and to always exhibit unmatched creativity in our projects. Accordingly, we have been known for our innovative paver designs and unconventional way of creating pool decks for residential and commercial areas like hotels and vacation spots across Boca Raton and nearby locations. Additionally, past clients note our extensive use of premium quality pool deck pavers – something that other paver installation companies don’t observe. Most importantly, the outstanding installation skills of our crews ensure that property owners get to have pool decks that are beautiful, accident proof, durable, and functional.

Pool Deck Pavers that We Use

FLPavers is known for the exceptional quality pool deck pavers that we use for our installation works. One example is Stonehurst Cappuccino, a paver product that exudes an aura of days of old. It’s slate texture is simply elegant and mesmerizing, making it an ideal option. You may also opt for other exciting product lines, such as Olde Towne Pavers (feature random patterns and vintage, old-world appeal) and Mega Olde Towne Sand Dune (has a rustic feel and is sized larger than Olde Town Pavers).

8x16 Black Marble PaversAside from these great pool deck pavers, we also have other exciting products for you. Just take your pick from our huge inventory of pavers from Belgard and Tremron. These paver materials are arguably among the finest products that you can possibly find and are the ones preferred by the best installers in the industry.

Travertine or Outdoor Marble Pavers – Ideal Pick for the Naturalist

One of our most preferred paver options is Outdoor Marble pavers. This type of paver is perfect for your pool area if you want a look that is regal without being too loud, as well as a durable paver material that will last for decades to come. Outdoor Marble is also preferred for use on outdoor pools because it retains its natural color very well even when exposed to the elements for a considerable length of time. As pool deck pavers, Marble pavers are truly among the best ones that we can use for your dream deck.

The Best Pool Deck Installers

Our pool deck installation team is composed of experienced crews who can help you choose the right paver design based on your expectations and needs. For example, we can assist you in choosing slip-resistant pavers if you’re safety conscious, as well as suggest what coping design is perfect for the pavers to be installed. We promise to be on your side from planning to execution to guarantee the best results.

We’re Versatile Paver Installers

With decades of combined experience in paver installation, we can work on new pool deck installations or renovation projects with equal ease and effectiveness. Just lay down your specifications, and we’ll create the best deck using world-class pool deck pavers from our trusted partner suppliers. Call us now.